Structure Enables Insight & Discovery

bulletComplex Information is Easier to Grasp

You can now structure your data in endless ways to discover new insights. This helps you put information in
context and see where to go next. Clear visualization leads to better communication and understanding, saving
time, money, and frustration.

bulletGraph and Visualize Anything

You can visualize the relationships between business decisions and results. For example, a graph revealing sales sensitivity to price or shipping rates. Or what most effects website click-thru. Then combine this information with collaborative input and analysis. With a network graph you can visualize the lines of communication within your company and with your clients. Any data can be graphed in many formats from anywhere in the application.

image 1

imageRoll Your Own Visualizations

Need to see something really special? Extend your application's data by tapping into a global network of visualization developers who can customize a graphic to meet your needs. Developers can take advantage of frameworks included to simplify and accelerate this effort. As knowledge grows, the visualization can grow with it to articulate an ever expanding world.