The Power to Track All the Details

bulletTrack Anything

People, files, locations, events, tasks, portfolios, financials, organizations, policies, questions, problems, tags, sensors, and on and on.  Everything relating to that object is attached and can be easily collaborated upon. You will see all related connections instead of just the ones you stumble upon, giving you better organizational capability, saving time, money and frustration in connecting it all together.

semantic graphic

bulletLearn From Context

Because your knowledge and applications exist in one ontology, the system learns by watching the knowledge in use. This allows for much greater learning and intelligence with less time and effort and less guesswork. Yesterday's successful results are automatically available as tomorrow's best practices.




imageStay Current

You are automatically informed of changes in your areas of interest to keep you on the cutting edge. Your rich
data is compatible with a wide range of external applications and semantic savvy systems, collaboration widgets,
mashups and integration tools. Find all related documents, and avoid missing any important updates. Keep
multiple versions under control. You get a more comprehensive and complete understanding of all relevant
information linked or commented on in real time.