Share Linked Data Across Boundaries

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bulletJoin the Web of Data

Add your information to the Linked Data Universe about anything from products, music, video, people, places, and things. Connect to a new, smarter web.





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bulletEliminate Silos to Find Data You Need

Your data is stored with new rich capabilities that enable
users and computers to find it with ease. This rich data comes with a powerful linking mechanism for connecting deep into
the concepts within documents, regardless of their location on the web. Business and Social networks that used proprietary databases to trap your data can now share it. Directly connect
to the information you seek.


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imageBe Found. Be Connected.

Having Linked Data ensures that your data belongs to you.
Your data is portable. As your needs change, your data moves with you, keeping you always connected. You and your data
can be found with ease.

Linked Data is crawl-able by search engines. Your search visibility improves as your data is linked into the semantic web.