Secure Your Data


bulletRole-based Permissions

Security is set up based on user roles rather than being dependent on specific users. This allows quick configuration of new users and no loss of data when users are deleted.





bulletHighly Granular Security

Simply export and align your data into the template. Prebuilt templates include clear easy to follow instructions and examples to explore, making this job easier. Other direct data feed formats (e.g. XML, JSON, RDF) are also available. When ready, upload the template data into the system. You may now facet browse your data using the default style sheet. Every element of the system can be protected individually, allowing users access to the most data while still protecting specific information. For example, one field in a data object can be made more restrictive than the others.


imageSecurity Smart Applications

Applications automatically adjust themselves to the security
roles of the user. If the user has access to everything on a page except for certain fields, those fields are automatically hidden
while still allowing the user to use the page. If the user doesn't
have update permission, an update program automatically
changes to display only.