Semantic Web 3.0 Consulting Services

Retain Your Personal SemWeb Advisor

    SemWeb Simplified
    Getting a handle on the business value, technical implications, and opportunities associated with the Semantic Web can be a mind-bending trip. We’re here to be your personal guide. Our goal is to accelerate your understanding of this fundamental shift in how the Internet works; the implications for your industry; and how to leverage the enormous revenue potential of SemWeb standards.

    A Network of Innovators
    Our insights and expertise come from building and supporting one of the most advanced Semantic Web development platforms in the industry. Because of our ground-breaking work at the platform level, we have gained access to a network of experts who are pushing technical boundaries and shaping the evolution of the Semantic Web on a global level.

    Game-Changing Insight
    By retaining a FacetNow SemWeb Advisor, you will have unparalleled access to industry knowledge that can put you ahead of the game. You can count on getting strategic insights that directly link to effective, practical business solutions. Most importantly, our advisors are skilled at delivering this knowledge in plain English, making it relevant to your business.

    Comprehensive SemWeb Services
    We can guide you every step of the way, from Semantic Web fundamentals, through proof of concept and a business-specific implementation that can offer significant gains, with little or no downside risk.

    Our experts are available to address your Semantic Web business and technical needs, whether you run a small business, global enterprise or government agency.

Packaged Subscription Services Include:

    Strategy Consulting: Creative Solutions to Complex Challenges
    From a casual brainstorm session in a quick phone call, to a designed collaboration - we can illustrate a game-changing strategy that is easy to understand and practical to implement. We have facilitated large and small groups, from startups to groups of 40 or more.

    Access: Powerful Networking Opportunities
    Gain entre into our expert Community of Practice. Tap into our network of thought-leaders and innovators who are interested in sharing, learning, and building new relationships that solve problems based on real world situations. You get much more than our advisory team. You get access to our network. You're in the flow.

    Distilled Analysis: We Do the Leg Work, You Get the Results
    We aim to boil down critical points into executive briefings that get you and your team up to speed fast with confidence. You stay on top of the key industry issues in minutes versus hours to make sense of it all.

    Proactive Alerts: Maintain Your Leading Edge
    We track hundreds of data sources, and have an extensive network across a variety of industries. Our colleagues often make us aware of potential problems and competitive issues. Proactive Alerts keep you on top of what matters.

    Subscription Fees:

    Standard subscription packages start at $5,000 USD. Extended, team and other custom services are available.
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