How We Help - Sell omplex Products

Sell Complex Products

Describe Complex Products in Detail

FacetNow enables you to describe complex products, projects, and services in detail like never before using ontologies. This enables them to be presented to the major search engines and LinkedData Cloud for easy discovery by customers, and then facet browsed once they arrive on the semantic savvy website. Ontologies can be developed to meet your specific needs, with data taken from existing resources: taxonomies, ontologies, product specifications, manufacturing standards, performance characteristics, and brochures with articulate feature/benefit descriptions.

Complex Matching Capability

Your unique product ontology expands the power and capacity of FacetNow to your advantage. The inference
engine traverses the ontology to expedite discovery, provide recommendations for obscure components, and match complex system solutions and services with ease. Properly integrated, it can be used to optimize system purchases
to equally complex organizational budgetary and regulatory constraints. "System of systems" can now be globally connected and kept in sync.

Builds Your Value Chain Ecosystem

FacetNow turns a Complex Product value chain into an economic ecosystem. Each partner and supplier has the ability to connect in their product offerings, best practices library, and customer requirements criteria for cross-sell recommendations and matching. Develop sophisticated expert networks that link layers of technology, products, services, expertise, and investment capital into a marketplace driven by dynamic user business model rules and workflows. Setup virtual trading networks, aggregate supply and demand, and leverage the LinkedData Universe for even greater advantage. Build your own "Semantic Facebook" based on your business rules and requirements.