Personalize Your Workspace

bulletPersonalize Your Page With Widgets

Users have many opportunities to design their own work experience. Their home page is made up of status widgets of their choice: Tasks due, users on line, monthly sales, etc. They can design their own shared profile page. And finally, users can choose widgets that they want to have displayed on EVERY page.

bulletReceive Precise Information

Get very precise about what notifications you receive - get only the updates you want. Stay automatically informed of changes in your area of interest.  Collaborate on data for a given submission in a specific thread faster. Spend less time chasing down each team member's contribution on a topic. 

imageManage Page Styling

Users can make the site their own by specifying page fonts, colors, and other design options. Existing web page style can be ported over to the brand look and feel, while upgrading the underlying technology to Semantic Web 3.0.