FacetNow is a new 100% semantic cloud platform that enables a new class of applications to help you link your data faster, easier and more economically.

    Faceted Means
  • "Defined, a facet is a feature that allows you to classify and focus on what matters to you. See info from your point of view."
  • No Dead Ends.
  • Ok to Be Non-Exact. Gives Results to Incomplete Search Queries.
  • Rapidly Filter Through Very Large Datasets.
  • Maintains Customer Focus.
  • Minimizes Decision Overload.
  • Ensures Your Unique Selling Proposition Stands Out from any Angle.
  • Clear Presentation of Complex Products.

Your instant Onramp to the Semantic Web 3.0

Leverage the tremendous power of the semantic web two ways:

1. Join the Linked OPEN Data
(LOD) Community

Find new customers

  • Convert your product data to the W3C Standard (RDFa)
  • Publish in a linked open data community (LOD)
  • Gain enhanced search visibility by search majors
  • Gain direct links & referrals by semantic savvy partners
  • Customers gain relevant search results for faster shopping


2. Build your Linked PRIVATE Data

Leverage Product Data in Semantic Format

  • Provide enhanced product descriptions
  • Provide semantically selected keywords for complex queries

Leverage Customer Data in Semantic Format for:

  1. Marketing
    • Competitive landscape tracking
    • Uncover new needs
    • Optimize product mix
    • Build a collaborative sales pipeline
    • Match expertise to solve problems
    • Improve customer service, lower costs
  2. Sales Pipeline Tracking
  3. Operations, Tasks, Performance Ratings
  4. Content Management: Photos, Video, Documents
  5. Customer Support Tickets