Get Matched to Higher Quality Results Faster


bulletMatching Identifies More Alternatives

As user generated content grows, it is more difficult to fully
utilize the new and expanded range of alternatives.  While
users filter and browse choices, automated matching ensures
that all alternatives are taken into account and presented to
unveil more accurate results.




bulletMatching Buyers & Sellers

Complex products and services can be matched faster and easier to enable new marketplaces. Using ontologies, buyers and sellers can discover each other more easily, while adhering to regulations, policies and business
processes.  The result creates economies of scale for both sides; buyers aggregate demand to negotiate better
prices; sellers discover buyers.




imageMatching Enables Smarter Applications

Applications can now take advantage of dynamic rules and business workflows with real-time response, enabling
them to evolve with user needs.  Users discover new facts, relationships, and knowledge as well as best practices otherwise hidden and time consuming to locate.  Applications learn over time, enabling users to be matched to
their preferences for a more relevant experience.