Faceted Browser Opens a Window to your Data

bulletNavigate Complex Data

Data is becoming more and more complex as the Internet grows. Faceted browsing allows you to navigate
this complexity with ease to find anything from food recipes, to organization charts, to government
spending. Facets expose the data as you search, freeing you from needing to fill in a search line with the
data that you haven't even found yet.

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bulletA Guaranteed Search Result

With faceted browsing you get a guaranteed search result every time. The system uses rich data to distinguish between search filter terms that sound the same but have different meaning, to distinguish an off shore bank from a river bank. Each filter refines the search result, allowing you to navigate from the big picture down to very specific information, quickly getting you to your goal.



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imageIntuitive Discovery

Faceted browsing is easy to learn and use. It lays out information in an organized manner, so you are able to find what you need without a complicated search query. You see all of the search terms in a single view. A shopper can easily move from one search to the next, such as looking for movies about one topic, finding other movies by the same director and discovering
other directors with similar styles without losing his or her place.