Host Your Pages

Run ONLY the Web 3 Formatted Pages on a Web 3 Server. Web 1&2 pages may remain on existing servers.

host your page

Your Site

  • You link the FacetNow browser page to your web site
  • One catalog section at a time or the entire store
  • You can manage the transactions, or we can.
  • You save a lot of time, money and pain
  • You jump onto the Semantic Web Now

Semantic Web 3 MASHUP SERVER

  • We convert your Web 3 Data
  • You access your data in 2 Ways: Our server, or a Widget from your server
  • Your customers access your Web 3 Data with a FacetNow Data Browser
  • You update the site and data as often as required
  • We get you connected to the Semantic Web 3
  • When a request comes in, we inference your Web 3 metadata and serve specific pages on request

Semantic Web 3 Hosting


Web 3 Pages Require Web 3 INFERENCE ENGINE HOST

Efficient, Low Cost Hosting of your Semantic Web 3.0 Data and Applications.

Our site design and architecture is built to give you maximum flexibility and control as your business evolves.

API Management

Monitor LoD Requests/ Traffic

Self-Service Capability:

  • Data Uploads & updates
  • Design & Style updates (CSS)
  • New Users
  • User Permissions & Roles
  • Access to Free Linked Open Data Libraries

With Our Expert Assistance:

  • Legacy data conversion
  • Complete site migration from Web 2 to Web 3
  • Ontology updates
  • Business workflows and rules
  • Ontology-driven Keyword Selection