Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

FacetNow is the Fastest, Easiest way to get your data into the Web 3.0 Linked Data Community

Step 1: Create Account & Choose an App

  • Align Data: Semantic Fields, Tag Fields
  • Select Facets for Browsing
  • Set Prefs: (FacetOpen/Closed, Order)

Step 2: Align your data & Import it

Excel Data Templates Available:

  • Product Catalog
  • Services Catalog
  • Custom Data Templates available.

Step 3: Set the Web Page Style (CSS)

Catalog Store Templates Available:

  • Blue
  • Lavender
  • Gray
  • Custom design services available.

Welcome to the Semantic Web!

  • Upload your data
  • Redirect URLs
  • Configure Browser Preferences


  • Connect it to Linked Open Data (LOD) Community
  • Build in Rules & Workflows