Faceted Product Search

Navigate Complex Product Data

Old Paradigm web sites limit the number of product attributes that products can be searched against. This results in rework to input search criteria that rarely lands an exact match. This frustrates shoppers as they move on to sites with better search and retrieval access.

FacetNow enables more detailed product attributes to become search facets that can be used to automatically match and recommend complex products and services to customers. Services can be described in new detail that become able to be recommended by the system, resulting in more intelligent search.

A Guaranteed Search Result

With faceted browsing shoppers get a guaranteed search result every time. The system uses rich data to enable convenient search filter terms based on technical product details. Each filter refines the search result, allowing you to navigate from the big picture down to very specific information, quickly getting you to your goal.

Intuitive Shopping

Faceted browsing is easy to learn and use. Product information is displayed in an organized logical manner, so customers are able to find what they need without a complicated search query. Customers see all of the search terms in a single view. A shopper can easily move from one search to the next, such as looking for shoes for a formal occasion and finding other items by the same designer and discovering other complimentary products with similar styles without losing his or her place.