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FacetNow enables the capacity to manage an ecosystem of communities and trading networks, each with diverse business models, requirements, and IT systems. Community knowledge can be aggregated, routed using rules and workflows, and focused on specific problems with precision.

Build Social Capital, Reputation, and Trust

FacetNow enables the capacity to generate rich metadata that can be used to semantically enrich social capital, reputations, and trust. Social capital refers to the connections within and between networks. It refers to the specific benefits and value for the people that results from the sharing of information, reciprocity, cooperation, knowledge processes, and trust. It gives a measure of the "cohesiveness" of a community as an indicator of its ability to solve problems and generate value for members and customers. An example of social capital is when a tightly knit community of capitalists invest in a new business based on the judgment of key individuals, without having to perform their own due diligence. FacetNow provides the underlying architecture for developers to build semantic savvy applications for visualizing Social Capital through Social Network Analysis in a myriad of new ways.

Social Network Analytics

FacetNow enables the capacity to generate rich metadata that can be used to perform Social Network Analytics.
Social Network Analytics better enables community management functions for identifying influencers, bottlenecks,
best practice pathways, and discovery throughout the community lifecycle of growth and decline. Explore communication between groups on specific topics, analyze topic diffusion over time, detect new trends, identify
rising stars, and track social capital and trust networks. Identify the best paths between organizations in forming strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. Perform what-if scenario analysis when relocating or removing an individual, team, or expert from the community.