Connect & Preserve Organizational Knowledge

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bulletDiscover, Capture, and Share Knowledge

Discover alternatives faster and easier, using faceted browsing empowered by rich data.

Capture organizational knowledge without additional effort as a side effect of doing your work and enrich it further by associating it with job-specific vocabularies.

Share organizational insight through a system that sees into your rich data and recommends it to others.

In the example, this means referencing "Insurance Claims" criteria,
easily tracking changes from year to year, complete with
team notations and analysis.

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bulletAlign Business Process, Rules & Workflows

Produce and reuse organizational knowledge by linking business rules and workflows together for easy deployment and collaboration.

For example, two offices of an insurance agency are able to synchronize and connect their business process and workflows.


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imageVisualize Best Practice Pathways

When new problems are being solved, users can reference similar problems and solutions of the past, for an optimum pathway.

In the example, the New York Insurance firm can recommend
the shortest path for a family to submit its claim, so that it has
the shortest path through the approval process. Real-time visualizations give instant clarity to the recommended path,
for collaborative input.