Connect Expert Knowledge

Expert Access Builds Brand Loyalty

As technology products become more complex, secure direct access to the product experts within the supply chain becomes critical for clarifying product benefits in a competitive market. Retail stores can now enable customers to gain direct access to supplier expert networks while security rules protect confidential customer and expert access information. Customers build brand loyalty and trust as their case becomes a part of the solution network, enabling other experts to weigh in where needed, while avoiding solving the same problem twice.

Capture Customer Requirements

Where customers have unique requirements not served by a given product, FacetNow can enable Customers to store expert feedback in a "Requirements List." This requirements list can be collaborated upon, assigned to events, polled, prioritized, and refined into a formal Statement of Work (SOW) or Request for Proposal (RFP). Suppliers with access can use semantically tagged requirements to quickly organize ideas for new product development (NPD).

Capture the Competitive Landscape

As customers seek expert clarity of product features against competitive offerings, smart tagging of the expert's feedback using a business ontology can result in a self-documenting competitive landscape. This provides an invaluable closed loop process between customer support and product marketing with immediate benefits to maintaining a competitive edge.