Collaborative Shopping Community

Collaborative Shopping

Retail stores can now enable customers to share their shopping lists with their friends, sales associates and product experts to help them decide. Product features and customer requirements can be discussed and prioritized faster and more accurately with expert input, resulting in less time fumbling through a technical product's feature sets to decide. All discussions that take place in the Community of Practice (CoP) are permanently stored, and shoppers can reference what is relevant to them at any time.

Build Your Shopping Expert Community

Successful collaborative shopping experiences will result when expert opinion is recognized and voted upon by other shoppers, thereby building a community around this topic. From the store's perspective, this leverages their domain experts' time ensuring they are not solving the same problem twice. From the customer's perspective, they can transform their social shopping network into a highly effective community of practice (CoP) where this given topic can be expanded upon in great depth from all angles. This problem solving CoP can connect and engage a vast global network of experts on anything from the technology details to customer usage and support scenarios. The resulting solutions can become a highly referenceable best practices archive in the linked data ecosystem. Essentially an extension to

Aggregate Demand for the Best Deal

Expert communities become an efficient and reliable referral source for complex products. Customers can tap into these communities, share their requirements, and align together to aggregate demand for the best possible deal. This creates a new class of demand driven, semantically enabled shopping networks.