Add Collaboration to Any Application

bulletImmediate Team Access to Shared Meaning

Team members begin collaboration by gaining immediate access to shared data and meaning through a collaboration format specifically designed for group problem solving. All discussions that take place in the Community of Practice (CoP) are permanently stored, and users can reference what is relevant to them at any time. Work products are delivered faster and more accurately, resulting in less duplication, error and/or rework. Collaborations increase the quality of the final result.

bulletNew Problem Solving Capacity

Build a new class of semantically enabled tools for solving problems and retaining knowledge like never before. Enable experts to weigh in on complex issues using a problem solving ontology. At each decision point, polls can be taken of the appropriate users to verify agreement with the corresponding step in the problem solving thread. Enable customers and end users to access self-service customer support while queuing for expert assistance if necessary.

imageIt Learns to Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

The system learns as work gets done, automatically enhancing the knowledge base and leveraging the results of previous solved problems. Enable regular users to tap highly refined expertise on a moment's notice, lowering customer support costs while reducing wait time. Recommend related experts, documents, articles, resources.