A New Class of Semantic Savvy Apps


bulletCollaborate in Any Application

Add collaborative human intelligence to any application-generated result for optimum insight. Multi-task without
losing your place across several applications. Users may open
as many independent sessions as required for higher productive decision analysis. Search, shop, compare, analyze products across several catalogs, then invite your friends and colleagues to lend their input to the purchase decision criteria. Best practice outcomes can be recommended later for self-service support.

semantic graphic

bulletApps Auto Update via Linked Data

Applications can permanently connect to RDF data stored in the Linked Data Cloud. As the referenced Linked Data is updated, the results automatically appear. Users gain an easy means to add metadata tags into the core application without having to worry about updating the data as it changes. Adherence to semantic industry standards ensures fast implementation of application dependencies between systems, avoiding the need to do special
programming for accessing data in specific sites.


imageApps Learn and Reuse Knowledge

Applications can be enabled to tap into the connected collaboration knowledge, enabling to users experience the benefits of their collaborative content having been transparently indexed. The more work the user gets done, the more the system learns key preferences, then recommends and refines. Since all objects are tracked, knowledge management becomes a free byproduct of doing work, providing a labor savings relief.