Better Shopping Experience

Multiple Shopping Workspaces

We allow a non-linear shopping experience. You can start shopping for one product, and then change gears and start shopping for another related product, and another in a completely different part of the store. This unique capability allows you to navigate your entire shopping experience without losing your place. 

Multiple Shopping Lists

While exploring products from across a vast catalog, you can move purchase ideas into any number of shopping lists that you can customize. What's unique in this case is how we allow you to click on the shopping list and display a graph of key attributes of the items inside, and use that information to guide you through your decision analysis. Items can be dragged and dropped between shopping lists or in the final cart at will, freely and easily. When you revisit the site, you can pick up where you left off, whether it is for home or office.  Store all your possible shopping carts in one place until you're ready to buy.

Historic Price Tracking

The system allows you to track prices of specific products over time. You get an instant visual reference (e.g.  sparkline) of the historic price changes helping you to get the best value every time you revisit the store.