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FacetNow delivers a new semantic cloud platform that allows you to link data faster, easier, and more economically using Semantic Web 3.0 Standards. Unlike other systems that require an expensive, multi-month full system design and implementation, FacetNow was engineered to have you up and running in the semantic web quickly and painlessly. The system is flexible enough to "mashup" your Web 3 catalog along-side current Web technology, with minimal effort and intrusion to the existing system.  Using semantic technology and the latest industry standards, we markup your pages so your Google/Yahoo search queries are more visible. Some retailers, such as Best Buy, have noticed remarkable improvement in their web traffic using this approach.

The first of many planned FacetNow applications is 3Spree, a powerful 100% semantically enabled eCommerce store for online shopping. Semantic Web 3 technology enables a new level of capability unattainable by current Web 2 eCommerce stores. New features such as multiple workspaces, free linked data driven referrals, ontology-driven recommendations for products and expert knowledge combined to result in improved customer support requests, minimizing product returns, improving customer and channel partner satisfaction.

The FacetNow team will have your product data feed up and running in 3Spree fast. They will then work with you to configure 3Spree to meet your unique requirements. Customization and personal support are delivered by experienced professionals.

Your new Web 3 product catalog easily integrates with your existing web technology using a Semantic mashup approach. You can add new catalog sections incrementally as your store grows adoption in the Semantic Web. This offers you the maximum flexibility to control costs and return on investment with market demand. FacetNow was engineered to accommodate both small and large product catalogues (in excess of 100k items).

With FacetNow in Private Beta, our team can offer webinars, live/online training, and strategic business consulting. Faceted search and access as well as custom application integration are part of what makes FacetNow a gateway to future business success. It provides a way to get your data into the Web 3.0 Linked Data Community. "Simply the easiest, fastest on-ramp for tapping the immense power of the Semantic Web."

Partners Get:

  • Pre-sales support
  • Marketing & Training Collateral
  • Inside sales support
  • Preferred Partner Recognition
  • Exclusive Lead Generation
  • E-Mail, Phone & Virtual Desktop Support
  • Access to Exclusive Community of Practice Site & Events

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