Intelligent Solutions for:

eCommerce & Insurance

  • Get 15% More Click-through using Semantic SEO*
  • Speed customer searching/finding
  • Lower IT Costs

* Search Engine Optimization as reported by Search Majors for RDFa compatible sites

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Be Found Faster

  • Be Seen by Semantic Search Majors.
  • Semantic SEO Drives Relevant Hits.



  • No Upfront License Fees.
  • No Costly Semantic Tools.


Easy to Use

  • Intuitive, Faceted Navigation.
  • Manage Complexity.

Web 3.0 Events

SemWeb is moving fast. Get smart. Get an edge.

    Separate programs for Business & Tech Pros:
  • Learn how Web 3.0 Shifts Your Business Model
  • Strategic Business Overview For EXECUTIVES.
  • Hands-on Deep Dive For TECH PROS
  • Exercises - learn to build and use ontologies as strategic tools
  • Expert Lab - gain experience using a powerful semantic web 3.0 platform
  • Meet Brilliant Developers and Seasoned Executives

Faceted Means

"Defined, a facet is a feature that allows you to classify and focus on what matters to you. See information from your point of view."

  • No Dead Ends.
  • Ok to Be Non-Exact. Gives Results to Incomplete Search Queries.
  • Rapidly Filter Through Very Large Datasets.
  • Maintains Customer Focus.
  • Minimizes Decision Overload.
  • Ensures Your Unique Selling Proposition Stands Out from any Angle.
  • Clear Presentation of Complex Products.

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